✨Happy 2020 ✨

🙏I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for taking the time to visit me in my studio or at the markets and gallery’s I've been at recently- or support me online with likes and comments,  it’s always great to connect with wonderful people.🙏

I hope you have all had some happy moments over the festive time. I’ve certainly needed the time to recharge and retreat from a busy year. It’s been refreshing to have a social media break as well and to look for more balance in my days. I’ve had time to work on a naturally dyed stitch project, bringing together the colours I’ve created on cloth and thread through the year.   I’ve been taking time to wander in nature as much as possible, noticing the amazing fungi that are dotting the landscapes with bright colours and interesting shapes. Where there is an abundance, I’ve gathered a small amount to explore the natural dyes you can achieve from some of our mushrooms. I love using my little Identification books to check what I’ve found and understand more about the connections the fungi have with the particular tree and plants they grow on or around.  These little signposts above ground that are the flags of the wood wide web that connects all the plant life underground. I’m fascinated by this natural web of connection and all that it brings with it. I’ve also been connecting with the earth element foraging for found natural objects to decorate my home for a new natural home style. Visiting places like Rendham Forest, full of birch and fir tree where there’s many windfall branches and pine cones for gathering, Cove Hithe were the Jurassic like coastline remains untouched by urbanisation and is such an amazing place to embrace earth, air, water and fire (if the sun is shining).  I’ve gathered some ochre pigments from here to use in paints and some textile projects. The earth element will form a part of my research and projects for the next few months. Looking at the natural colours from our earth, the dye from the roots of plants and the effects of using the earth for printing on cloth. I can’t wait to get back into the studio to start creating and teaching again. Please look at the workshop section  on my website for the next courses. Use the code JAN2020 for £15 off any class valid until Jan 11th 2020.