🌿Open Studio Weekend🌿

Taking a moment to see the things I've been making this last few months -I’ve been busy it seems and now i can relax and enjoy the benefits of my processes wandering in fields and woodlands gathering leaves and small amounts of foraged plants to make dyes and prints allowing Suffolk’s landscape to shine through in these botanical sigNatures. When I’m in need of a change form textiles i like to paint and making my own inks for this is a really good way to use up any dye baths and aim for zero waste. Other days i need to fill my senses with aromatherapy and mixtures creating organic soaps and elixirs for enhancing wellbeing through rituals and mindful moments. I’ve never been someone who can just do one thing-i need the variety and through the magic of nature and plants i have found how i can truly become a Botanical Being. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the things I’m making and know that this is my path and I’m doing what I’m meant to while I’m here on this earth. My open studio weekend is a chance for you to see my work and share the space where you’ll leave feeling inspired by nature and relaxed.