🌿 Botanical Contact Printing Kit  🌿
🌿 Botanical Contact Printing Kit  🌿
🌿 Botanical Contact Printing Kit  🌿
🌿 Botanical Contact Printing Kit  🌿
🌿 Botanical Contact Printing Kit  🌿
🌿 Botanical Contact Printing Kit  🌿

🌿 Botanical Contact Printing Kit 🌿

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First steps in Botanical Contact Printing Kit so that you can complete the following course. 

Kit includes 

Silk, iron mordants, wooden pole, wrapping string, barrier material, cloth material, gloves, face mask and welcome instructions. 


This course is for beginners who have just started out and want to explore ideas and ways to work with the materials. No previous experience is necessary to attend this workshop. 

Along with the Live Zoom workshop you will also receive 

  • A  materials list
  • A work booklet 
  • A PDF with a summary of the course
  • A private facebook group 
  • Key skills and techniques for achieving desired outcomes
  • Opportunity for discussion and questions 
  • Two course options -  I day intensive or 4 week gentle pace.

Course content includes 

  • Materials for successful contact prints 
  • Preparation of materials to ensure good  outcomes 
  • Environment for working 
  • Health and Safety whilst working 
  • Demonstrations for rolling and bundling fabrics and botanicals 
  • Reviewing outcomes and successes 
  • Processing times and how this can differ
  • Sampling  

I am a mixed media artist and MA Textile Designer, qualified teacher and botanical being. 

I have been working with natural dyes and prints for a numbers of years and run my own studio and gallery, where I continue to research and develop new ideas and way to use the gifts nature has to offer us. I believe that creatively and an immersion in nature is a beautiful practice and way to live our lives. With a deep  respect for our planet and the botanicals that grow around us and a wealth of experience in natural dyeing, I aim to bring ancient textile practices into our contemporary world.   

If you have just found this beautiful art form and want to get a lift up to the next level, then this workshop is for you. I’ll be demonstrating and sharing an exciting day full of methods you’ll be able to apply to your own work after the session. This beginners workshop will focus on using a single mordant technique in a variety of ways so that you can make your own choices about how you want to progress in the future. 

Botanical printing is a huge and exciting art practice with many variables and processes. This means that in one day, there isn’t the time to cover everything- By mastering the first steps and understanding the foundations of the practice, you’ll be ready to move on to other ideas and next step workshops. These include using different mordants, combining natural dye techniques, tannin, iron and dye blankets and combining processes to build layers and depth to the outcomes. 

This is an online workshop using the Zoom platform  where you will have a varied day with demonstrations and practical tasks to carry out in your own space with invitation to ask questions and discuss methods shown in the workshop. Together, we will be making contact botanical prints on silk using spring leaves. It is easy to access the Zoom platform and you will be sent the link to access the class the day before. https://zoom.us/.

You will need to gather the resources for the course- if you want to use your own and have signed up for the workshop, email me for a list of what is needed. Alternatively you can purchase the beginners kit for £40. (UK only ) allow 2 weeks for delivery. 

This kit contains the mordant, fabric and and bundling equipment. You will need your own kitchen appliances for steaming. With your confirmation for your course place, you will receive a preparation email that explains what you need to do to be ready on the day. 

The day starts at 10am and will aim to finish by 5pm