🌿Botanical Printing a beginners course 18th July🌿

🌿Botanical Printing a beginners course 18th July🌿

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Botanical Printing is a process where you can use the colours from leaves to  create unique textiles and papers.

This beginners workshop will introduce you to the basics to get good prints on fabric.

You will be exploring ways to prepare your fabrics and discuss the process using the leaves gathered around the studio.

This is a hands on workshop and you will be encouraged to create samples and record your exploration so that you can take away the skills and carry on at home.

You will finish the day making a unique piece of fabric which you can use to make a scarf or use in your own  projects.

Botanical printing has many possibilities when combined with natural dyeing. If you enjoy this workshop you can look out for the next steps workshop  and natural dye workshops where you can add colour to your textile designs.

Maria is a teacher and education consultant and has recently completed an MA in Textile Design.  Exploring natural dyes and botanical prints is central to her practice and sharing this knowledge is a way to support a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to textiles.

Please contact Maria at Botanicalbeing@outlook.com

Materials  and hots drinks  will be provided - bring your own lunch.

Cancellation policy applies - payment in full to confirm place.