Silk Habotai and Eucalyptus
Silk Habotai and Eucalyptus
Silk Habotai and Eucalyptus

Silk Habotai and Eucalyptus

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Wrap yourself in nature collection 

Beautiful silk scarf ethically sourced and naturally dyed by the artist using natural dyes and foraged plants from Suffolk, UK

This unique wearable art has been created using  a contemporary printing technique called botanical print. The leaves are gathered and with alchemy, heat and pressure the pigment from the leaves is directly transferred onto the cloth.

The process uses naturally occurring chemicals and dyes that are  known to bond to the fabric.

With careful washing and aftercare these will bring many years of wear.

Treat all naturally dyed fabrics with care using a ph natural soap and dry in the shade.

Purchasing this item will ensure that trees are being planted. 10% will be donated to the TreeSisters. You can find out more about their work at and join up to begin your own tree planting journey.

Silk Habotai with a selection of local eucalyptus leaves

165 cm length  width 45cm

This makes a perfect gift for someone special  and that includes you.

Each scarf tells the story of a journey from the earth, to me, to you.