Botanical Being Studio and Gallery

Maria Clarke-Wilson  

Maria creates a selection of contact botanical and eco prints using the plants gathered from around Suffolk. The work offers a calm and gentle visual experience that allows the natural marks and colours from nature to connect you to the natural world.  
“Finding sanctuary in nature and seeking deeper connections with the landscape I have immersed myself in researching and discovering the potential of natural colours and prints from my environment. Following a path that led to completing an MA at NUA I have continued to work exploring my locality through mindful practice. 
Each print or painting is a unique part of the process from gathering materials on long walks to preparing the fabrics, dye baths and inks. Embracing the serendipity of creating this way allows for the material to become their own part of the collaboration. I am able to guide the process but ultimately the outcomes are unknown until they are revealed. Each leaf, fabric or colour used has a journey attached to it, to create with  these natural resources adds a deeper connection to the art. Making my own paint brushes and inks to use or using some recycled fabrics feels different to painting with shop bought brushes and canvases. Seeking the beauty in natural resources and awakening ancient practices in our contemporary world is the way I feel drawn to express my art and my love for nature.”
Botanical Being

Botanical Being is a way to live your life- connecting your self with the energy from plants and the earth. Using natural resources and mindfully sourced ingredients, the products are created in the studio. Maria is the being at the heart of this concept, a teacher, consultant and mixed media artist who is passionate about working with nature and wants to inspire you, by bringing these elements into your life. Whether it's through the eco-fashion and home accessories  or hosting a mindful workshop experience- when you've opened your world to the healing and aesthetic benefits of botanicals you'll find it hard to be another other way.

Adopting the slow living philosophy, and allowing time for products to breath as they come into existence, taking time to plan and prepare art and textiles designs, is all part of the journey. When you arrive at the studio and gallery, you will feel instantly connected to the botanical energy in all of the processes and products. Using natural fibres and aiming for zero waste, the sustainable living and making brings us back to a time when synthetic wasn't a part of our language. Connecting with ancient practices for extraction of colour and the healing elements of plants, known for centuries,  brings a depth of knowledge to the creations - offering you a holistic experience when you wear or use the products. 

Botanical Being is a way to value our planet and use natures gifts as resources for art, design and creativity. Bringing the earth’s energy into your home, draping yourself in beautiful eco-fashion, dressing your home in unique art and accessories and cleansing your body and mind with organic body care rituals. 

Maria works closely with other eco-dyers and textile artists from around the world, sharing creative discussions and processes to continue to develop in-depth knowledge about the global eco-dyeing and sustainable textile industries.